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Welcome to Samuel Chiropractic PA,

At Samuel Chiropractic PA our nature is professionalism flavored with compassion. We welcome you to become a part of our family of staff and patients and to secure the guarantee that we are honored and privileged to sustain your healthcare needs with the same precision that we ourselves seek from healthcare professionals

Our primary goal is for our patients to achieve complete pain relief and a healthier body through our holistic approach to wellness.  Our team of dedicated professionals strive to use both therapeutic techniques and health education to maintain chiropractic health and overall wellness.

We are responsive when injuries and other medical emergencies occur and in most instances offer same day appointments.  Pivotal to chiropractic health and overall wellness is maintenance. At Samuel Chiropractic we encourage our patients to establish a holistic approach to wellness and a regimen that enables the body to be better equipped to withstand injuries and medical emergencies when they occur.

As a part of the Samuel Chiropractic PA family, you will experience the comfort of knowing that we are always available, give you total access to our resources and will purse referrals and research on your behalf.

Request for appointments and questions can be submitted by use of the following link:

doctor samuel

Dr. Samuel opened her practice December 1992. Throughout this time frame, she has demonstrated initiative, enthusiasm, professional ability, and sincere devotion to her profession, which added immensley to her success. She was born in the town of Mullins, SC. In addition, she devotes many volunteer hours to assisting members of the community, churches, and youth organizations. Dr. Samuel is oriented towards a family chiropractic practice and during this time was one of the only 3 black female chiropractors in South Carolina.

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